BlueLantern Web Stores


Looking to open your very own online store? We can help. An online store should be fast, easy to use, easy to find, pretty to look at, and should follow internet best practices for safety and security - both for you and your shoppers!

Be sure to check out our Knowledge base article on opening an online store to be sure you have all your 'ducks in a row' before you get started.

Online stores require the use of scripts, or web programs, in order to run the shopping cart. We have a list of shopping cart programs in our Knowledge Base that you can either install and set up yourself, or you can order one of our Online Store installations.

Online Store Installation

Basic Installation

If you'd like us to install and integrate a web store for you, our Basic Online Store Installation is a good place to start.

We will ask you for a sample page from your website that you would like your store to fit into, then we will install and match your new online store to your existing design idea.

All Online Store packages include:

  • Installation and set-up of shopping cart software (your preference if you have one)
  • Basic integration of your new store with your existing website
  • Interfacing of your store with available payment methods and security encryption
  • A web-based, user-friendly "back end" where you can easily add, edit, and manage your products
  • Basic instructions on how to use your store

Enterprise Installation

As your online presence grows, or if your website already draws a considerable number of visitors, consider our Enterprise Online Store Installation.

This package allows you interact directly with one of our Online Store technicians to select, install, customize, integrate, and test your new online store, including customization of product pages, checkout pages, and implementation of simple or complex product options and add-ons.

Custom Programming and Features

Need a customized solution that goes beyond the capabilities of normal online stores? Ask us for a quote on custom feature programming.

Important! Please refer to our Terms of Service - "certain types" of sites are not welcome on our servers.

Our servers are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and stellar support! All servers utilize the Linux operating system with the latest stable version of Apache Web Server.